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The Nsiesi’s Foundation is committed to supporting public health and disease prevention among the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We are convinced that millions of lives can be saved through health education and early medical intervention. The Nsiesi’s Foundation works with government and other partners to help ensure that those in desperate need can find the medical services they require. We establish Health Education Centers where Congolese people have an opportunity to learn how to prevent and manage diseases like malaria, schistosomiasis, and polio. Through our efforts and those of the government and our partners, The Nsiesi’s Foundation is helping to transition the Democratic Republic of the Congo from a country in constant crisis, to a country in which people can help themselves.

health education

From our friends and family experience, million Congolese have also lost their lives because of lack of acknowledge. Many people in Congo do not know how important it is to have their vital signs checked regularly.

Healthcare solutions

The Nsiesi’s Foundation for Disease Prevention in Congo (NFDPC) was born mainly to bring awareness to Congolese people and to reinforce some Congolese healthcares.

24/7 Availability

Our organization will continue to work hard to keep our centers open all the times so that anyone who needs help can receive service from our team.

Organization Details

Why work with Our NGO?

Our team love to welcome anyone who joins our organization for the benefit of the Congolese. The country is very big and Congolese in every corner are desperate. The more people with good heart to serve we recruit, the better job we will continue to provide.

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Our employees and volunteers get to know the cities and country side of the democratic Republic of Congo. Many tourists have said that the beauty of Africa is when you travail from one country side to the other. This chance is given to us free because of our work we do, and our safety is also guarantee everywhere.

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Where are we located

Our head quarter is located in Los Angeles, California, in The United States of America. Whereas, in Kinshasa remains our representative office. See our contact page if you would like to talk to one of us.

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How can you help

The Nsiesi’s Foundation depends upon the generous contributions of those who share the vision of saving millions of Congolese lives. Your financial contributions enable us to continue moving forward with this important work. Because those with whom we work are often destitute, we also have an ongoing need for clothing, shoes, medical equipment, bicycles, computers, trucks or buses, and other similar items. Please consider being a regular monthly contributor to The Nsiesi’s Foundation. Your help will save precious lives.

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